EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award – Electrical Company

Morley Moss team members wearing safety gear at a safety training sessionThanks to its dedication to diligent planning, certification training, and continual safety program review, Morley-Moss is a winner of the 2021 EMCOR Group, Inc. Safety Excellence Award.

From day one, Morley-Moss’ CEO personally orients each new hire to their safety focus. The all-in approach to safety includes providing every employee their OSHA compliant illness and injury prevention program (I2P2).

This I2P2 informs team members of the company’s plan for management leadership; worker participation; hazard identification, assessment, prevention, and control; education and safety training; and program evaluation and improvement.

All measurables are reviewed quarterly, and the safety department meets with estimators and project managers yearly to review and adjust the I2P2 as needed.

 Project managers champion the company’s safety priority by conducting site observations while walking each job. To ensure proper communication and documentation, every Morley-Moss employee is trained in utilizing their incident reporting flow chart.

Employees who demonstrate buy-in and dedication to the safety culture are nominated and recognized with a company safety award, and all safety success stories are published in the company’s newsletter. Morley-Moss also publishes a company-wide “lessons learned” letter that identifies ways to prevent or avoid risks and hazards.

As additional evidence of their determination to achieve safety excellence, 40 employees entered the Board of Certified Safety Professionals program in 2021.

Beyond its internal commitment to safety, Morley-Moss holds customers and contractors to the same high standard as their own employees.

These safety practices helped Morley-Moss reduce their DART rate to zero in the past year, while logging more than 600 thousand hours worked, and will continue to propel their safety achievement in the years to come.

Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Total Recordable incidence rate, 2021: 0.33
Total Recordable incidence rate, 2020: 2.09

DART rate, 2021: 0.00
DART rate, 2020: 0.60

Total employee hours worked, 2021: 601,828.60
Total employee hours worked, 2020: 670,619.66