Quality Control

Morley-Moss, Inc.’s quality control and assurance program helps ensure a consistent, measurable, and repeatable level of quality for every project. This includes compliance with industry standards, including the National Electrical Code, as well as local codes and client specifications.

Project-Tailored Quality Control Plans

We apply our quality control plan to each project, tailoring it to the client’s unique expectations and facility requirements. To reduce rework during the construction phase, we enact the plan before construction, and implement procedures through startup and commissioning.

Our quality control plan includes:

Pre-Construction Review

Before construction, our team thoroughly reviews all contract drawings and specifications to determine the most effective installation processes and procedures. Following this review, we develop a matrix detailing the names and locations of all electrical and mechanical equipment and feeders. Finally, we create checklists that list and document all tests, inspections, and commissioning procedures to be performed before, during, and after start-up.

Inspections and Documentation

We tailor our equipment inspection program to each project’s unique requirements. This includes checks and balances informed by the latest industry methodologies, helping ensure accurate, informed results.

Our inspection and documentation procedures include:

  • Standardized quality control inspection forms to document each piece of equipment
  • Inspecting, testing, and documenting all equipment, including lighting controls, receptacles, and grounding electrode systems
  • Megger and hi-pot testing reports for all feeders or bus-duct installations
  • Equipment inspection and documentation performed by a journeyman electrician
  • Audits and approvals by site supervisors and a quality control inspector

Building Systems Training

After start-up and commissioning, our project hand-off procedure helps ensure that clients have the necessary tools and knowledge to extract maximum value from their new systems.

We provide extensive building systems training for all involved parties, including owners, their representatives, department and area heads, and beyond. Our technicians can conduct formal, personalized, and complete customer training on switching and locations for all equipment included on the one-line distribution diagram.