Quality Control

At Morley-Moss, it is our mission to economically deliver the highest standards of quality in our products and services. This includes ensuring conformance with NEC and local codes, specifications, industry standards, and client expectations. Our commitment to quality is illustrated through our experience, teamwork, process and procedures, communications, training, planning, and attention to detail.

Quality Assurance

Each quality assurance plan starts with a thorough review of all relevant drawings and specifications before proceeding to develop and lay out the processes needed to meet or exceed client requirements. Our detailed approach pays high dividends by reducing rework and warranty work and providing an outstanding product the first time, every time. 

Quality Control Plan

Morley-Moss starts each project with an intensive examination of contract drawings and specifications in order to determine the most effective processes and procedures for the project. We develop an equipment and feeder matrix with the names and locations of all electrical/mechanical equipment and feeders listed on the drawings. A checklist for each of these details the test, inspections, and start-up/commissioning that need to be performed and documented before, during, and after start-up to ensure precision execution of the project-specific QA/QC plan.

Our Quality Mission

We continually improve our processes and procedures to enhance the quality of our services and products and provide superior delivery. Our success in this mission is evidenced by our customers’ experiences prior to, during, and following the construction process.


Inspection documentation is project-specific and custom-tailored. Examples include Megger and/or Hi-pot testing reports for all feeders or bus-duct sections installed and the creation of inspection forms for each piece of equipment, panelboard, transformer, wall, ceiling rough-in, and more. All equipment is inspected and documented by the journeyman electrician and approved by site supervisors as well as the quality control inspector.

Our inspection systems include an array of checks and balances based on the latest industry methodology, helping us to ensure the highest-quality work possible. All lighting control and receptacles, grounding electrode systems, and more are inspected, tested, and documented per our standardized quality control inspection forms. 

Building Systems Training

To ensure an effective project hand-off, Morley-Moss provides extensive building systems training to all involved parties, including owners, their representatives, department/area heads, and beyond. Morley-Moss conducts formal training for the customer on the switching and locations of all equipment on the One-Line Distribution and emphasizes personalized and complete client training.