By prefabricating items like duct banks, speed pulls, and supports, Morley-Moss can often increase productivity and prevent costly rework that can impact a project’s budget and schedule.

Morley-Moss utilizes prefabrication to construct the supports for electrical equipment and power/data devices prior to being installed. This expedites installation of electrical equipment and devices, reduces costs, and helps protect the project schedule.

Additionally, all supports are prefabricated in a controlled environment that is safer and more efficient than building the supports on the jobsite.

In our 9,000-square-foot fabrication shop, we have the ability to perform simple wall rough-ins from MC/HCF/EMT stub-ups or even execute complete turnkey rough-in with devices installed and painted covers—the only thing to do is install trim plates after final painting has taken place.

Panels can be wired up to a wireway with terminal strips so no entry into a panel is required once final torque/install is done. Transformers can also be completely wired so no field entry is required into the unit (except final torque after shipping to job sites.)

Common Prefabricated Components

  • Panels
  • Transformers
  • Fixture whips
  • Conduit bends (GRC, IMC & EMT)
  • Speed pulls
  • Seal tight whips (PDU) (we have our UL listing on these)
  • Overhead racks
  • Duct banks
  • Device pig-tailing
  • Portable temporary skids with multiple KVA ratings
  • High-voltage panels for lighting and low-voltage panels for temp power throughout a project

To learn more about our prefabrication services, contact us today.